Artist Statement


Her art is influenced by her immediate environment and builds on encounters, (dis)communication and self-development. Engelen works cross-disciplinary, from doing socially-oriented performances—to build bridges between herself and the rest of humanity. To smart phone photography—on topics such as loneliness. Audio tracks—that reveal additional information. And YouTube videos and books. She explores installation settings in exhibitions through which she seeks again connection and communication with the audience.

Art to Connect

Philosopher and psychiatrist Alfred Adler said, “All problems are interpersonal relationship problems.” My art arises out of my own shortcomings in connecting with others. In an allegorical way, I work with these shortcomings. I work with the inner thoughts, the body, and social (non) interactions. Doing so I seek methods to connect with people and expose disconnections. In the meeting, or absence of meeting, with others through conscientious reflection, development or deterioration can take place. More positively speaking or ideally, my artworks are about critical thinking, self-development, and humanity.