Artist Statement

What is your Inspiration?


The red thread in my art is always people.
My art is personal and socially oriented.—Even when no people are visible.
It arises from connecting with others and the psychosocial challenges that come with it.

Art to Connect

My art is my holistic examination of humanity and culture. To me, art functions as the bridge between myself and the rest of humanity. 

In the making of art, as life an ongoing process, I show the failures, misunderstandings and loneliness that come with it. And with it self-development and hope. Since I love to observe and analyze this is an ongoing journey.

I mostly do

  Photography—on topics such as loneliness. 

  Confession Drawings—which allow me to process daily challenges. 

  Videos and audio.


  I also enjoy making books. 

  In exhibitions, I explore installation-settings through which I seek again connection and communication with the audience.