Happy Birthday Art Project

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Project
It is your special unique day!
I made a small drawing for you on your Birthday. ☺️❤️😋 

Would you also like to have a drawing made for you on your Birthday?
Then please email me:
⟶ Your day of birth (must)
⟶ How old you are going to be (optional)
⟶ And what your birthday wish is (optional)

⟶ A photo of you (optional)

Upcoming (2021):

Kadir Altuner, 27 June

Ankit Gupta, 6 July 2021, 26 years 

Monika Balu, 4 august, 27 years

Alejandro Ninin, 15 October

Kim Engelen, Happy Birthday Art-Project, Ousmane Kirsi, 33 Years, 6 May 2021,

Ousmane Demba Kirsi, 6 May 2021, 33 years
Paper-size; 14,63 x 10,46 cm (5.76 x 4.12 in)