Valencia Friends 2021

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Receive immediate access to the Valencia Friends WhatsApp Group. 

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Friends in Valencia 

Created in 2021 to meet up with friends in Valencia. To enjoy social time together.


What is it?

It is the cheap and better working version of Meetup and Internations. 



Direct contact via your phone with people in your city. Pay €1 and instantly connect with like-minded people in Valencia. 


What can I ask? 

Anything. Just put your question in the Valencia Friends WhatsApp Group.



Meet up for a coffee. Go for a walk in the Turia garden. Go see a movie together. Start a book club. Go hiking with a group in the Valencian mountains. Etc. 


What should I write?

☺️ Hi all. Who wants to go dance salsa tonight? 

☺️ Hi all, who wants to go with me to the museum? 

☺️ Hi all, I have a dog, you too? Shall we meet up at the dog beach?

☺️ Hi all, I want to go to Ikea. Do you have a car?

☺️ Hi all, I need a hammer. From whom can I borrow one?


The Sky is the Limit

Do you like to meet (fellow) international people? Are you a local who likes to make new (foreign) friends? Or you like to show people around in your city. Do you like to meet up one on one? Or do you prefer to do things in groups? Everything is possible. Make friends via Valencia-Friends.


How it works

When you have paid €1, you will receive a link and QR code. By clicking the link (or scanning the QR-code with the camera of your phone). You will get direct access to the WhatsApp Group. 



Your €1 will be used to host the website And to advertise



Join our Valencia Friends WhatsApp Group.