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Sun-Penetrations, Quarantine 40-Days of Isolation

For forty days, I have sent one photograph of my ongoing series: Sun-Penetrations to fellow humans in lockdown. With the sun as the bringer of life. And a light in a moment of darkness. 

46 pages
ISBN 979-8678599711

5 Artists Interviews 
#2 The Open Call

5 Artists Interviews is a five-year book-project. Each book in the series holds interviews with five contemporary artists. The interview itself contains five questions. #2 The Open Call is the 2nd book in the series. 

March 2021
94 pages
ISBN 979-8714886768 

5 Artists Interviews 
#1 Artists Friends

5 Artists Interviews is a five-year book-project. 

Each book in the series I interview five contemporary artists. 

#1 Artists Friends is the 1st book in the series.

72 pages
ISBN 979-8653735950

Advanced Health Attack - Belgrade Bridge Stories

This Art Audio Album has been created in the framework of ArkaBarka artist in residence. Which took place from 1-29 February 2020, in Belgrade, Serbia.

92 pages
+ 19 audiotracks (1 hour and 23 minutes)
ISBN 978-90-9032915-4


Art Sales Portfolio 2020 in English and Dutch. With ten artworks (seventeen photographs) and additional information about contemporary art by Kim Engelen, VIP Art Friend, art lending, commissioned work, technical rider, and frequently asked questions.

71 pages
ISBN 9798465589802

The New Score – Collective Creation for Visual Artists

Written from 1-31 March during the exhibition Contested Space at B53 in Arnhem, Netherlands.

76 pages
ISBN 978-90-809866-7-1

Kim Engelen, Art Park—Intimate Gatherings

3 Poets, and 3 Contemporary artists on living in China. On 3 consecutive Saturdays, we gathered in a public park in Hangzhou, China.

56 pages
ISBN 978-90-809866-8-8

Empathetic Walking Panel

Drone-recorded Bridge-Performance. The book includes photographs and the transcript of a conversation based on 3 questions—about the ex-pat community living in Hangzhou, China.

26 pages
ISBN 6978-90-809866-2-6 

The Little Bridge

THE LITTLE BRIDGE shows the production process and photographs of the artworks of my artist in residence and exhibition at MeiHuaZhou scenic spot in Jiaxing city (China). 

36 pages
ISBN 978-90-809866-4-0

6 Private Mini Exhibitions

This trilingual publication (English, German, Chinese) shows the monthly made artworks, production photographs, and visitors of the 6 Private Mini-Exhibitions, in Berlin from January to July 2017.

94 Pages
ISBN 978-90-809866-3-3

12 Etalages

This Digi-pack hold on the left side a book with the twelve artworks plus information. On the right side a CD with a screensaver. 

Client: RSP Wonen, Den Boch, The Netherlands.

15 Pages
+ CD

Omschrijf een Kunstenaar

In 1998, I traveled to various locations in cities in the Netherlands to ask the general public this question: Describe an Artist. In 2021 this book is digitalized and made available as well as English.

70 Pages

The Face of a Jogger

The Face of a Jogger is the photographic reporting of the  10k Blue Performance: The Life of a Jogger in  2003 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

23 Pages


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2012  [Bridges] Part I, text & images from the Bridge-Performances, p. 36, ISBN 9789080986602, Malmö (SE)

1999  (On)Geluk (Un/Lucky), Royal Academy of Fine Arts, p. 101, Den Bosch (NL)

1999  Frits, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, p. 29, Den Bosch (NL)

1998  In between cars, Van den Udenhout, p. 21, Den Bosch (NL)

1998  Waar bent u goed in? (What are you good at?), Royal Academy of Fine Arts, p. 132, Den Bosch (NL)

1998  Ik wil -niet- leven (I do -not- want to live), Royal Academy of Fine Arts, p. 55, Den Bosch (NL)