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Home-Exhibition, No. 2

Opening/Finisage: 30/10/2022
Location: Plaza de Polo de Bernabé, 5, 14, 46010 Valencia  
Time: 17:00-20:00 

This will be the second and final Home-Exhibition at this location, because I am moving home again. During this exhibition, I will be showing 25 new drawings.

100 Drawings / 100 Streams

Every week I will create a new drawing. Via livestream I will make a confession and from this confession I make a drawing. 

Kim Engelen at work on Confession Drawings No.19, 22 March 2022

100 Drawings / 100 Livestreams

Live from Bloom Gallery
9-14 June 2022

Twice a week I will create a drawing after I made a confession via a Livestream

Kim Engelen at work in Bloom Gallery VLC on her Confession Drawings, No.41, 9 June 2022

Home-Exhibition, No. 1

Opening 15 May 2022

Solo Exhibition

Het Kunst-Torentje (Art Turret)
Almelo, Netherlands
6 November – 11 December 2021 
Finisage 11 December 16:00
Art-Butcher Performance

Kim Engelen, Questioning my Significance, Night-Shots No. 4, Front-Shot with Bridge in the Back Window, Kunst-Torentje, Almelo, 6 November 2021

Kunst Route

Valkenburgse Bokkeweken
Auction for the Lonely Elderly
1-31 October

London Tower Bridge Mini-Sculpture

My London Tower Bridge Mini-Sculpture was stolen and exhibited under someone else’s name in a gallery in Tel-Aviv.

5 Artists Interviews  #2

Book Launch Party
2 April 2021 

Loneliness in the Time of Quarantine

29 October 2020


Organised by:

  • The Sino Italian Design Exchange Centre
  • DoBe Group
    23 October – 22 November 2020

CHina Tour

Empathetic Walking Panel

Light-box and Video on tour in China


Shanghai Yangpu District
8 August – 23 August 2020


Roc Sun Art Space
Jiaxing, China
1 April – 1 Januari 2022



Wo Jia Cultural & Creative Space

18 July –  2 August 2020


Shanghai Art Collection Museum
Yangpu District.
11 June – 12 July 2020

5 Artists Interviews #1

Book Launch Party
1 July 2020

Stichting Jaap Harten Fonds

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The board of Foundation Jaap Harten Fund has positively assessed Quarantine: 40 Days Isolation. I will receive financial support for the production of my book.

Shanghai Art Collection Museum

Shanghai, China

11 June – 12 July 2020

Many a Little Makes a Mickle

The Utopia Project

art // literature // politics, 
Issue One, June 2020,
Online & print magazine (UK)


International Group Exhibition
3 – 11 June 2020
Millepiani Space
Rome, Italy

Group-exhibition Isolated Living Yourself, 3-11 June2020, Rome

In 24- Hours Exhibition: Environment/ Urban

The Wall Space Gallery Scotland, UK

24 April 2020

Because of the COVID-19 this will be a live screened exhibition.

A Bridge between the Past and the New

WENNFELD_HAUS | next Tübingen, Germany

April – September 2020

Because of the COVID-19 this action will be postponed until later notice.



Podcast Series: Art Uncovered 

Recorded 17.03.2020
17:00 – 18:00 (CET)
12:00 – 13:00 (ET)

Emergency Musing Room

Arkabarka floating hostel, Room #10
28 February 


Artist Talk
MKM – Magacin u Kraljevića Marka, Belgrado

27 February 2020

Arkabarka 2020

Artist Residency
February 2020
Belgrade, Serbia.

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1-month artist in residence at ArkaBarka, a floating house on the Danube river in Belgrade, Serbia.

Artist in Residency ArkaBarka is a space for knowledge exchange and experiment.

Contemporary Connections

Falk30—Temporary Project Space, Berlin.

26/27 October 2019, 13:00-18:00.

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Interviewer Adriana Furlong 

19 October 2019.


Neukölln Krit

Short presentation of my work.

Night Embassy, Berlin
12 October 2019.