Art Gift Card

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Do you want to give someone art as a gift?
But don’t know what they like?
Give them an Art Gift Card!
This way they can choose themselves.


How does it work?
When you have paid. Your Art Gift Card will be sent out via email to the recipient.
On the Art Gift Card is a number. With this Art Gift Card number, they can shop for the art they like. 


What if the artwork is cheaper than the value of the Art Gift Card?
Then the recipient will be paid the difference on a new receipt.


What if the artwork is more expensive?
They can pay extra.
And the Art Gift Card can be used as a nice discount on the purchase!

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How fast?

Immediately. Since it is digital. 


What will I receive?

An email will be sent to you after payment of the agreed value of the Art Gift Card.
VAT is not yet due on the sale and resale of the voucher. The VAT will be paid when the voucher is exchanged for an artwork, book or membership (VIP Art Angels). VAT is calculated from the amount that the recipient has paid for the voucher minus the included VAT.