#1 I Want to Ride my Bicycle

Words Don't Come Easy

#1 I Want to Ride my Bicycle is is the first video in the series: Words don’t Come Easy). Which I started while studying art in the USA

In the series “Words don’t come easy”, the theme is language as a form of a problematic barrier as well as empowering instrument. Language is a way to express ourselves: our character, thoughts, feelings, and presence. The self-actualization of the human is visually expressed by the bike as a vessel to move forward in life and on own power. 

Through a webcam video, we see a woman mending the tire of her bike in her private sphere. The focus is on her action, her process of fixing her means of transportation. The reparation of the bike tire is a symbol for the development of people who want to fix their problems and move on, this to continue to try to lead a happy life. 

The two-layered audio part pays on the one hand attention to the effects of the outer influences. And on the other hand our inner balance and agility related to sexuality. We hear a mix of English words summed up by a female computer voice and a counting system in the Limburger dialect of the Dutch language


January-February 2011, Solo Exhibition at Demolden Video Project, Santander (Spain) Exhibition-postcard>>
July 2011, Paradoxes in Video, curator Larry Caveney, San Diego (United States)