3 Steps in Having your Art Framed

To have your art framed, you can go with your art to a framer (aka encadreur). 


The obvious first step is to choose the artwork that you want to have framed by a framer. This additional step of having your art framed will cost you extra time and money. Therefore you would most logically select an artwork that is valuable to you.

Positive aspects are:
+ Your artwork is protected.
+ A finished and professional look.
+ It can make your artwork aesthetically stand out.
+ You can “adjust” the artwork to your taste (step 3).

In this example, I show the framing of a large yellow silkscreen.

Step 2

Find a professional and experienced framer. A professional framer can also be called an encadreur. A good framer helps you amongst others by showing examples of frames. So you can find a frame that works for you and makes the artwork look at its best.

Check beforehand:
+ Are they service-oriented? (You can find out by asking questions).
+ Is the artwork insured? (While it is in their workshop).
+ Look at their work. (Website, social media, word of mouth). If you can’t find this ask them for examples.

* I have a list of framers that I have worked with. When you buy my art I can help you with finding your professional framer or handle it for you. The silkscreen in this example is framed by Irok.nl

Step 3

Choose your frame. What will the thickness be? The structure? And the color? And does your artwork needs a matte yes, or no? A matte is also called a passe-partout. This framer put the artwork on the floor and placed several frames and mattes on the silkscreen print.

You can see in the example, on the upper-left corner is placed a black matte with a black frame. On the lower-left corner is put a black frame, without a matte. And on the right corner is a white frame (without a matte). 

Although I like black. With the black frame plus black matte, the artwork felt heavy and closed. With the white frame and seeing the white paper of the silkscreen, the artworks appears clean, fresh, light, and open.

What frame would you choose? And why? Let us know in the comments below…

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