Art Friends

Kim Engelen [Bridges] THE INVISIBLES: Grey, Kibbelstegbrücke (Kibbel Walk Bridge), Speicherstadt Hamburg (Germany) 2012+2017

Art Friends

Since 2008 I have a club called Art Friends. Art Friends are people who support me in my art-making with 4,17€ per month. For this I shower them with art-love.

Art Friends receive:
√ 10% discount
√ Yearly 1 free Art Book by me Kim Engelen
√ Either: Artwork to borrow

√ Or: A Unique Drawing
√ Yearly Art Friends Meet-up
√ Good cultural karma

Art Friends (Lifelong):

√ Free access to all digital downloads.

50€ (For 1-Year)
1500€ (Lifelong)


"I am the one who encouraged Kim back in 1998 to start a club of Art Friends—to get more in touch with people who are interested in her work and to raise some extra money for activities. I want to stay informed about Kim's work, since I am curious about her artworks."
Peter Bielars with Art Work by Kim Engelen
Peter Bielars
"It is my pleasure to be her Art Friend. I hope that her art works are known to people all over the world."
Lee Hong Ming (James)
"I participated in her performance "Dual-Selfie" after her lecture "What is Performance Art". I like the art works by Kim Engelen."
Gavin Bi
IT specialist
"The reason for being an Art Friend is not that difficult to state. This is the most "legal" way to be able to contribute to the costs that Kim Engelen has to incur, to let us sympathize with the experiences of an artist who is full of ideas. I have known Kim for some time and admire her great dedication."
Ton Liphuyzen
Cicil engineer
"I want to express my appreciation and love for your work. And the results of your labor especially. With my contribution I encourage you to continue to create."
Philip Ma
Philip Ma
"Hello, I am Youp Kilkens, the hairdresser of Kim. I got to know her in my chair and every time she is here we have a lot to tell each other. So I also know about the work she does, and art interests me, so I followed her through her website on the internet. That's how I then became an Art Friend... who wouldn't want to be an Art Friend of a fine artist?"
Youp Kilkens
"I became an Art Friend of Kim because she is a cool, nice and a great artist!"
Reina van de Wetering
Active hobby photographer
"I have become an Art Friend out of sheer curiosity about the artistic world of artists and art. And like this I can follow it from a very close distance and yet at a safe distance."
Bart Koene
Script writer / producer
"I like the idea of being an Art Friend!"
Egbert Waller
International trade
"I have become an Art Friend because as a jogger I participated in the performance "The Life of a Jogger", after which I wanted to continue to follow Kim Engelen's art projects."
Kim Engelen, Book The Face of a Jogger. From the 10k Performance: The Life of a Jogger, 2003
Jozef Wu
Facility manager Humanitas
"Through the project "The Life of a Jogger" I have become acquainted with the work of Kim Engelen. And since then I have been following with interest which new artistic ideas she is developing. She surprises me time and time again and I hope that she will / can continue for a long time."
Edward Rademaker​
Civil structural engineer.​
"I like to stay out of the limelight myself, but I like to watch an artist who is making it and to experience this from close by."
Municipal official
"I support Kim and art."
Kim Jump
Rob Pruntel
Cross media developer
"I have become an Art Friend of Kim Engelen, because I think art & culture is important. By supporting an artist I want to give a heart to contemporary Dutch art."
Karin Potters
Information provider
"I became an Art Friend because I think Kim and her projects are very special. By contributing—by becoming an Art Friend—I hope that Kim's unique ideas can be realised."
Shereen Tadros
Civil servant
"I became an Art Friend because as an audio engineer I am mainly concerned with audio and now I can follow an artist who works expressively (artistically) with audio ánd image."
Koen Donker
Audio engineer
"I do it to support a fellow artist."
Mildred Valkonet
Psychologist / visual artist​
"I became an Art Friend through the project "The Life of a Jogger". I thought it was great to see how a sport can translate into an art project. A project that helps people to move more and is more than art. I also like to sit behind the computer and this project was updated online every day. That is how I started to follow it."
Hans Verbeek
Supermarket employee
"I have become an Art Friend because I like to keep myself busy (as a teacher) with development. And what Kim does in her work also has to do with development. She is currently working on themes such as communication and language, which she interweaves with such things as power positions, emigration and exposure. I follow her blog and wanted to follow her as well as an Art Friend."
Loïs Ekhart
"I am curious what an artist does. What are her duties? What do artists think of? But most of all I seek inspiration, and art and artists inspire."
René Dutrieux
Project developer
"When Kim, now many years ago, registered as a participant for my website, I was pleasantly surprised by her versatility and activities. I can proudly report that I have been able to help her with the realisation of the boek "The Face of a Jogger". And now I am even more proud of the fact that I can officially call myself her Art Friend!"
Jos Koene
Graphic designer and photographer​