4 Videostills (L&V, Ik ben Geweldig, Jade, L&V)

918,90 inc. Vat

Medium: Video stills
Frame: Black with black matte
Size: 20,3 x 81,8 x 2 cm (8 x 32.2 x 0.8 in)
Limited edition of: 1 (original)
Smart Art Bundle: No. 1 and No.2 together

The first and fourth video stills are from the short video Lavender & Violence (2004). Why do people remain in an unhealthy relationship? Is it love, solitude, sadism, obsessive behavior, fear, power, uncertainty? Lavender & Violence shows fragments out of the lives of Jona and Serge with contrasting scenes concerning location, emotion, and story.


The second video-still is from the art video Ik ben Geweldig (I am Great). Created in 2003 in Rotterdam. In were people in the city got a sticker stuck on them with the camera registering their reactions. On the green sticker the red words Ik ben Geweldig (Dutch for I am Great).


The third blue video still is from the feature-length movie Jade (2005). In where we follow the individualistic woman Jade and her life in the city Rotterdam. She disconnects herself from her daily life and shares this with the viewers in an unconventional manner. A video with lots of close-ups, interspersed with short art videos. Jade is the red thread through this retrospective.

Weight 1,57 kg
Dimensions 20,3 × 81,8 × 2 cm

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