Chris (From the Pronunciations Series)

1.755,90 inc. Vat

Title: Chris
Series: Uitspraken (Dutch for Pronunciations)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Frame: Regular Stretched Canvas (Museum Wrap)
Size: 90,4 x 104,7 x 2,4 cm (35.59 x 41.22 x 0.94 in)
Limited edition of: 1 (original)
Complete series of 9 paintings € 15.000

Until 1999, I painted on self-prepared and stretched canvas. Aka Regular Stretched Canvas (Museum Wrap). All the paintings in this series are 100% handmade. From the production of the canvases to the actual paintings. This also means that the works are not 100% even in size.


Chris (From the Series Uitspraken (Dutch for Pronunciations)

Chris, Fou Fou and Linda come from the same friends-group. I made Chris orange since he was a redhead with kind eyes. Later Fou Fou and he got a child together. But this I did not know during the making of this painting. His pronunciation is: I don’t want to be a dealer anymore, but it makes such an easy living, doesn’t it?! (Dutch: Ik wil geen dealer meer zijn maar het verdient zo makkelijk he?!). 

Weight 2,03 kg
Dimensions 90,4 × 104,7 × 2,4 cm

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