Corry (From the Marriage Series)

1.141,20 inc. Vat

Title: Corry
Series: Marriage
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Frame: Regular Stretched Canvas (Museum Wrap)
Size: 71,8 x 55 x 2,4 cm (28.27 x 21.65 x 0.94 in)
Limited edition of: 1 (original)
Complete series of 6 paintings € 6.300

Until 1999, I painted intensively on self-prepared and stretched canvas. Aka Regular Stretched Canvas (Museum Wrap). That means that all the paintings in this series are 100% handmade. From the production of the canvases to the actual paintings.


This also means that the works are not even in size. Partly intentionally. Partly because I painted on the canvases that I had ready. This also means that the canvases are not 100% even.


In this first painting Corry, you can see bumps in the lower horizontal wood—which are the holes (eyes) in the wooden frame showing through the prepared canvas.


Corry is the name of my mother. Her face is the light in the middle of the mostly dark painting. In the distance, one can see the green field and through it leads a red-is windy road. Although she is laughing, her mimic appears to be suffering. There is another face in the painting. Which is present more like a thought. It is Herman. Herman is the name of my father.


Corry, is the painting that would lead me to make a whole series of painting with the name Marriage Road No. 1-5). This is the only painting in which Corry is the protagonist. The other paintings show Herman & Corry both visibly and/or size-wise seemingly equally. All six paintings together create the series Marriage.

Weight 1,04 kg
Dimensions 71,8 × 55 × 2,4 cm

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