Generatie Negatief (Gray)

2.143,80 inc. Vat

Series: My Generation
Size: 139,5 (+2 hanging hook) x 98,7 x 2 cm (54.92 (+ 0.7) x 38,86 in)
Medium: Photo Silkscreen + iron frame
Limited edition of: 1 (original)
All 3 artworks together € 6000

The iron frames are manually welded in the workshop of my dad’s former company. His company used to fabricate barriers for events.
On the transparent canvas, I manually pasted sticker letters which I obtained when I was working as an intern at CAS—international stand builders.


The frames are painted in the same matching colors as the stickers (blue, grey, red)—The colors of the Dutch flag. Except the white is not a clean white but I choose to color it grey. Also reflecting the title: GENERATIE NEGATIEF (GENERATION NEGATIVE). However, the order of the colors is flipped. Since the Dutch flag is red, white, blue.


The photos are self-portraits photographed with an analog SLR camera. And then via silkscreens, screen printed on the sail canvas.
They are then fixed inside the frames with stretch elastics.


The titles on the artworks are all written in capitals: GENERATIE ONTEVREDEN (GENERATION DISSATISFIED), GENERATIE NEGATIEF (GENERATION NEGATIVE), PILLENGENERATIE (PILL GENERATION). Emphasizing the loudness of the young generation and/or the wish to be heard.


The frames all seem similar. Yet with “Generatie Ontevreden” (Generation Dissatisfied), the blue frame is slightly thicker and larger than the other two frames.


On “Pillengeneratie” (Pill Generation) you can see my pupils fully dilated. I reached this effect by being in the dark and then using the flash on the camera.


I imagine these artworks hanging freely in the space. This so that the photographs can be seen from both sides. Yet, the titles (printed on the transparent sails) might be backward. This depending on where you stand, and thus from which side you view the work.


Since it would be great if the series of 3 artworks could stay together, I offer the complete series of 3 framed collages together for € 6000.

Weight 5,8 kg
Dimensions 141,5 × 98,7 × 2 cm

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