Ik Zie Wel (English: I’ll See)

39,26 inc. Vat

Medium: Computer Drawing
Size: 30,2 x 42,5 cm (11.8 x 16.7 in)
Finish: Laminated Print
Limited edition of: 1

Art Bundle: I’ll See and Always Look on the Bright Side⟶

This laminated print is one of the early drawings I made on a computer in 1996. I started with making small animations since I was interested and more and more in interaction


Intuitively I knew your environment matters. Your environment forms you in a way. So I thought this had to be visible in art too. And at that time to make something interactive, that was still quite complicated. Later came then my first interactive program Hokjesgeest (English: Pigeonholed) and Performances. 


On the other hand, I also wanted to minimalize, to make only the essence matter, the context. Not per se stemming from something intellectual or happy. And I wanted to draw this. To express the practice in dealing with difficult situations


And to not sink in the swamp of depression, of not knowing a way out. This drawing was from before I knew about Louise L. Hay, the mother of self-love or other mental teachers. Dutch: Ik zie wel. Ik zie wel. Ik zie wel. Like a mantra: I Will See, I Will See, I WILL See. ⟶ Maybe not right now. But there will be a way out.


Also, a positive and rested mind sees more opportunities and solutions than a worn-out mind. The bright yellow was an important self-healing color for me at this time, where I was all but this. When you feel there is no support around you, maybe you have to create it yourself?

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Dimensions 30,2 × 42,5 cm

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