Keep Chipping Away

100,00 inc. Vat

CONFESSION DRAWINGS: sketches on paper

Original: Only 1 (pièce unique) given to Shereen

Prints: Limited Edition of 5

30 x 21 cm (11,81 x 8,27 in)




Yesterday, I met (angel) Rafael, and he told me something touching. About a painting of miner (if I understood correctly). They were chiseling to find Go(l)d. But some gave up. And didn’t reach or find Go(l)d. Like some of his friends lost their path and gave up on their dreams. So even if you don’t see Go(l)d you have to have the faith that it is in your reach. 

And I thought about my art. My art means the world to me. But sometimes I lose hope. I want my work to matter. 

And I think that I am driven as an artist by something higher. I “have to” make art. But it is not that alone. I also want my work to be seen and understood. And feel connected with it or through it.

Maybe similar to a cook who makes a delicious meal. Only making the meal is not enough if I were a cook. I want people to eat it, enjoy it, and feel fulfilled.

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