Mara (From the Pronunciations Series)

1.746,00 inc. Vat

Title: Mara
Series: Uitspraken (Dutch for Pronunciations)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Frame: Regular Stretched Canvas (Museum Wrap)
Size: 90 x 104 x 2,3 cm (35.43 x 40.94 x 0.91 in)
Limited edition of: 1 (original)
Complete series of 9 paintings € 15.000

Until 1999, I painted on self-prepared and stretched canvas. Aka Regular Stretched Canvas (Museum Wrap). All the paintings in this series are 100% handmade. From the production of the canvases to the actual paintings. This also means that the works are not 100% even in size.


Mara (From the Series Uitspraken (Dutch for Pronunciations)

When you are present and silent. You can observe and hear a lot.
Mara had black hair with painted red full lips. Which made me paint her face red. And her name in black. Her pronunciation is in blue. 

Weight 1,96 kg
Dimensions 90 × 104 × 2,3 cm

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