Over 10 Jaar (In 10 years)

842,40 inc. Vat

Series: Mind-questions
Medium: Oil on Canvas + Permanent Marker
Frame: Self-prepared Stretched Canvas (Museum Wrap)
Size: 45,4 x 39,2 x 2,4 cm (17.87 x 15.43 x 0.94 in)
Limited edition of: 1 (original)
Smart Bundle: Mind-questions (2 paintings)

Over 10 Jaar (In 10 years)
In Dutch: Hoe zie jij jezelf over tien jaar?
1. Beroep. 2. Vrienden. 3. Relatie. 4. Financieel. 5. Land. 6. Omgeving. 7. Energie. 8. Passie. 9. Muziek. 10. 11. 12.


Translated in English: How do you see yourself in ten years?
1. Profession. 2. Friends. 3. Relationship. 4. Financial. 5. Country. 6. Environment. 7. Energy. 8. Passion. 9. Music. 10. 11. 12.


I had no idea! And I thought that was troublesome.


Maybe it is like a tree. You can’t force it to grow, to mature. It takes time. But the mind nevertheless is anxious, occupied, and needs to relax. Perhaps it is better to enjoy the not-knowing. The journey. The not needing to know.


To know your path
On the other hand. If you know where you want to go. Then you will find a path. And thus the mind is anxious, occupied, and needs to relax. It is not ready yet. And maybe it will never be.

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Dimensions 45,4 × 39,2 × 2,4 cm

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