Plee Painting – Ready Set Go

740,70 inc. Vat

Replace your current toilet seat!
Medium: Acrylic on Toilet Seat
Material: Plastic 
Size: 46 x 36,3 x 3,4 cm (18.1 x 14.3 x 1.3 in)
Limited edition of: 1 (original)

Plee Painting (English: Privy Painting)


Not something we talk about a lot. But actually, you are creating every day.

When we have our moments of solitude, it’s when we often come with solutions or ideas. In bed, in the shower, on the toilet


So why not acknowledge this?

This artwork is a painting on the lid of a toilet seat.


Sometimes just before the answer or delivery, it takes a bit of effort.

And at times, it comes easily.

And then you are happy.


I wish you many good ideas.

Ready Set Go…


The Metamorphosis of Ajax

A godly father, sitting on a draught,
To do as need and nature hath us taught,
Mumbled (as was his manner) certain prayers,
And unto him the devil straight repairs!
The reverent man, though at the first dismay’d,
Yet strong in faith, to Satan thus he said:
Thou damned spirit, wicked, false and lying,
Despairing thine own good, and ours envying;
Each take his due, and me thou canst not hurt,
To God my prayer I meant, to thee the dirt.
Pure prayer ascends to him that high doth sit,
Down falls the filth, for fiends of hell more fit. 

By John Harington, who invented the Western modern toilet in 1596.

Weight 0,51 kg
Dimensions 46 × 36,3 × 3,4 cm

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