Communicate With Me (or not)

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Confession drawings
You don’t have to communicate with people who don’t communicate with you.
Let’s Talk series

I’m doing it (again). Drawing. It’s more like tracing or sketching really. First, I search for the right image (in this case online — it used to be in magazines) and then add my “epiphany” or “confession”.


This one I made with a black colored pencil. And the lips colored red. This is appropriate for communication. Since lips are moving when talking in the real world. But yes in the digital world that involves typing. So the phone should be in here as well.


However. If there is no talking or typing, it is non-communication. Delete communication altogether. There is silence. No communication. Or perhaps that is also a form of communication.


A, I don’t feel like talking to you. 

A, I don’t have time to talk to you. 

A, I don’t think you are worthy of my time. 

A, I have not educated myself properly. 

A, I am very casual so I answer when I feel like it. 

A, I have no control over things or time. 

A, I am lazy and let you do the work (of communicating). 

A, I am so busy I missed your message.


The book Art, Success, Money (by Maria Brophy) stated that you have to communicate seven times and then people buy your art product. Does that apply here? I mean when it comes to mutual contact? If attention would be the product. Which it seems to be or become in the digital age.


I think tops for me is three times. Three times an email. And then if nothing comes back to that. Then I think it is justified that I stop communicating and that the other is out of the project (whatever that project is).


Confession: That is what I am thinking now with my second book project. There is one artist who simply does not reply. He did send the contract. So it seems he wants to be in the book. Why is it so hard to me when people don’t communicate with me.

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