The Best is Yet to Come (pressure)

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The Best is Yet to Come (pressure)

18 September 2020

21 x 30 cm (11,81 x 8,27 in)

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CONFESSION DRAWINGS: sketches on paper
Title: The Best is Yet to Come (pressure)

At art school, I made a kind of “Confession art” (that’s what the newspaper called it).

But today I am thinking. Is it “Confession” art? Since I have nothing to confess. They are remarks, reviews and condemnations. I’m not afraid to speak my mind (in a drawing). I am not doing anything wrong. So maybe the word “confess” is incorrect.

The name “Confession art” was meant degrading by the art critic. It is a negative inflection of what it is. Which doesn’t surprise. I had my brother’s toxic and dangerous jealous energy hanging around me like a thick and suffocating cloud. But I am an adult now, that cloud is gone. Because I am gone—I am somewhere else. I have traveled a long way (mentally and physically). That is my “confession” right here.

But now I like this as a title. I own the condemnation. These sketches or drawings is what I “feel” like doing. I want to draw something related to having hope. That because when hope is gone, it is tough. Or faith, when you feel that things can still work out.

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