Stars we navigate by and Giants we build on

1.224,00 inc. Vat

Medium: Photography, Certificate

Frame: 21 x 31 x 1,5 cm (8.27 x 12.20 x 0.59 in)

Size installation: This is one artwork of 21 x 115 cm (8.27 x 445.28 in) 

Placement: In between the frames the 11 cm (4.33 in)

Limited edition of: 1 (original)


Part of the exhibition bundle 6 Private Mini-Exhibitions


From the ongoing series [Bridges] 

Part of the bundle 6 Private Mini-Exhibitions 


For six months in 2017, I held a mini-exhibition at my house. Every month I created new works based on my Bridge-Performances. These new works were then exhibited at Gallery 1 Flat Wall in Berlin for 21 days, from the 1st – 21st).


In June I exhibited STARS we navigate by & GIANTS we build onThis is one artwork consisting of 2 photographs and 1 certification (20 x 30 cm). 


Around the world, I am doing Bridge-Performances. These performances are the makings of photographs of me by tourists on bridges. In post-production, I experiment with these photographs to emphasize certain ideas. Such as the bridge as a metaphor symbolizing process and transition. Especially communication, power, and self-development interests me.


The photographs in the work Stars we navigate by and Giants we build on are of two Bridge-Performances where you can see me with the mother of self-love—Louise L. Hay and media mogul Oprah Winfrey. Next to the photographs, you can see my Feminist Certificate signed by Yoko Ono and Yu Zhengxie. 

I am blessed that I am a rich enough 
Western free woman who can travel to many places without an accompanying male. I am not being arrogant here, I am being conscious. And I want to say thank you to the strong women (with the help of strong men) who have partly accomplished my freedom. On the one hand, I think we are not completely there yet (since I still can’t go anywhere where I would like to go). On the other hand with so much unrest in the world, the freedom that we have is something important to preserve. 

Stars we Navigate by and Giants we Build on consists of 3 parts. The work is shown in gold-colored photo frames. These are the sort of frames, plus similar sort of content, which you might want to hang in your office to show off who you know and what you have accomplished. Like your cum laude Yale University diploma. Or a picture of you with former US president Barack Obama. Or a photo of yourself together with a spiritual leader like the Dalai Lama. 

If it is real or not, we only assume. But we can’t know for sure.

You might like to show 
someone important, and who is important to you. And by being seen with somebody important you then can be seen as a more important and trustworthy person. For example, when you go into the doctor’s office and you see all their diplomas and degrees, you probably feel your doctor has the knowledge and can be trusted. 

And you feel more at ease and secure.

I was curious how this would work if I would 
show myself with Louise L. Haye and Oprah Winfrey and would show a feminist certificate.



This original artwork is created in one edition only (as pìece unique). It comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

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Dimensions 21 × 115 × 1 cm

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