Vriendschap (Friendship)

438,30 inc. Vat

Mediums: Oil + Permanent marker

Materials:  Wood attached to manually stretched Canvas (Museum Wrap)
Size Closed: 24,7 x 24 x 6,5 cm (9.72 x 9.44 x 2.55 in).
Size Open: 44,2 x 24,9 x 4,5 cm (17.40 x 9.80 x 1.77 in)
Limited edition of: 1 (Original)
Created: 1997
Little Cross, Heart, Friendship (All 3 paintings together) →

Vriendschap (Friendship)

It’s a deep friendship but love is lurking. The door can be opened and it can be something new—even better? But it could also mean that the door is possible to be closed. And then all is lost. But it is a quaint cute door. It is asking to be opened. To show what is there. Who is the other you that I could be discovering? Or do we lose our precious friendship? And then all your you’s might disappear.

Weight 0,99 kg
Dimensions 24,7 × 24 × 6,5 cm

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