Zodiac Carpet

2.592,00 inc. Vat

Demonstration video →
Medium: Carpet
Hangable: Yes. Zodiac Carpet can also be hung on the wall. On the back of the carpet is Velcro. Included is a slat with Velcro. These stick together. The slat (with the carpet attached) is easy to hang on 2 screws or nails on the wall. See video.
Size: 122 x 166 x 1,8 cm (48.03 x 65.35 x 0.71 in)
Limited edition of: 1 (original)
Smart Bundle: Zodiac Paintings (all 12 together) + Zodiac Carpet →

Zodiac Carpet

Zodiac Carpet is a hand-tufted carpet. Tufting is a method of making a deep-pile carpet. The Zodiac carpet is a tightly woven 1,5-2 cm (0.59-0.79 in) deep pile rug. 


This rug is professionally made, in cooperation, with the Millenerpoort in Sittard (Netherlands). I was present during this entire process, from choosing the colors to setting up the design and shooting the 100% wool yarn. Initially, the Zodiac Carpet was not 1 carpet but 12 small independent paintings.

The Process

In the book Zodiac Carpet—From Art to Z, I show pictures of the whole process. From the initial concept and drawings to the paintings and finally how the carpet was made. When you choose to buy the Zodiac Carpet you will receive a free copy of the book.


The carpet is not made by a computer but by hand in an artisanal way. There are no other copies. This carpet is a unique piece.

Come and feel

When the 12 Zodiac paintings were finished, I felt that the work was not quite finished yet. I wanted the artwork to be able to connect with the viewer. The artwork has to do with feeling and I think that you should therefore be able to touch the artwork so that it is less distant. And I could best depict that with a carpet. It’s soft and accessible. You can not only touch it. You can even walk over a rug. 

For a while, the carpet was hanging on the wall of my Rotterdam apartment. And the paintings were safely stored. Now you can come and have a look at the carpet and the paintings without any obligation.


Zodiac Carpet requires hardly any maintenance. The carpet can be vacuumed with a normal vacuum cleaner using the regular smooth base.


Weight 11,1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 166 × 1,8 cm

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