Bridge Performances

Bridge-Performances (in short)

Since 2007, I work with bridges in my work as an ongoing theme.
To me, the bridge stands as a metaphor symbolizing connection, movement, and transition. 

Bridge-Performances  are socially-oriented performances—to build bridges between myself and the rest of humanity. 

Bridge-Performances are the makings of photographs of me by tourists on bridges. So far I did 76 Bridge-Performances in 16 countries. And I want to continue do them all over the world. 

The action in itself is simple: I ask people to take a picture of me with the bridge in the background. In a gesture of trust I give them my camera and stand in front of the bridge.

Kim Engelen, Bridges-Performances, Lal Qila (Red Fort) Red Fort Bridge, No.1, Agra, India, 2008

Bridge-Performance No.1:
Lal Qila, Fort Rouge (aka Red Fort bridge), Agra (India)

The last Bridge-Performance before the Covid19 pandemic,
Branko’s Bridge, Belgrade (Serbia)



With my ongoing project Bridges I have an unlimited recourse for ideas.

Contemporary Connections

For the Group-Exhibition Contemporary Connections in Berlin, I was interested in creating a London Tower Bridge mini sculpture. Also, I was curious about creating a production room—to see and test how this would work in contact with visitors. 

Kim Engelen, Production-room #1, Total-Shot, Berlin, Germany, 2019
Kim Engelen, London Tower Bridge Mini-Sculpture, Total View, 2019

The Bridge as Symbol

Symbol of connection, movement and transition.

Kim Engelen, Bridge-Performance—Empathetic Walking Panel, 2018, 10-minutes, Hangzhou, China
Kim Engelen, Bridge-Performance, Empathetic Walking Panel, light-box: 120x80x8 cm (47.24x31.50x3.15 inches), book: 17x30 cm (6.69x11.81 in), selfie-stick and drone video recording, 2018