Commissioned Works of Art

If you are ready for a unique artwork. Which is made especially for you. We first will discus what you want. Then I will draw up a Commission Agreement to list the aspects we agreed upon.

In it I include items such as payment terms, when you want the artwork to be ready, framing (if any), delivery of the work, installation of the work, and copyright. 

Payment terms

Standard commission terms call for 50% payment upon signing, and 50% upon completion. For larger projects you can pay in a maximum of 4 instalments. After each payment, I start on the next stage.
Which are, in general:
1. Concept (25%)
2. Visual sketch (25%)
3. Draft (25%)
4. Finished work (25%)

Certificate of Authenticity

The artwork comes with a signed authentication contract. And depending on the artwork with a signed authentication sticker on the backside of the artwork.


You automatically receive a 1-year VIP Art Angels membership.
Which means that you receive 20% discount on any other artwork that you might buy.  
More information on the VIP Art Angels membership.

More Questions? 

I am happy to answer any question you might have.


+34 623 360 883 (Whatsapp)
+31 613 699 356 (Whatsapp)




For inquiries in Chinese
Contact Mr. Wan via WeChat: 1252592078
如有查询,请联络万先生: 1252592078(微信)