Falk30—Temporary Project Space, Berlin
26/27 October 2019

Portfolio photographs

Photographs of Visitors

Production Room #1 (210x240x135 cm/82.68×94.49×53.15‭ ‬inches‭), shows a setup for product photography. On the production table is the London Tower Bridge Mini-Sculpture (22x8x16‭ ‬cm/8.66×3.15×6.30‭ ‬inches‭). Which is a small playful replica of the London Tower Bridge—made by 2 teacups, 2 red teabags, red double-decker bus fridge magnet, silver-colored ribbed biscuits cardboard, blue tin wires, ‬and hot-glue. The mini-sculpture is illuminated by four soft-boxes.


Via hi-fi two audio tracks are playing:
1). Conversation on a Swedish bridge (4:52 min.)—a conversation between two strangers reflecting on two burning candles on a bridge in Malmö with a paper next to it saying: All Hope is Lost. 
2). Golden Gate Bridge Facts Found on the Internet (3:56 min.)—a readout loud Wikipedia’s description of the number one top suicide bridge (so far) in the world The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


I work with bridges in my work as an ongoing theme. To me, the bridge stands as a metaphor symbolizing connection, movement, and transition. With my bridges, I want to make connections.

I was interested in creating a London Tower Bridge mini sculpture with my ongoing project Bridges. Also, I was curious about creating a production room—to see and test how this would work in contact with visitors. For the group-exhibition Contemporary Connections, I made a completely new artwork

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