Call for artists


Once a year I curate a group-exhibition together with contemporary artists. If you feel that you work with inter-human topics, such as communication, identity, humanity. Or your work fits somehow well into the concept of communication, connection, transformation and progress. Then please connect with me and show me your work. And/or have a coffee with me so that we can get to know each other a little bit. A preference goes to artists who work with installation or video. Hence to the quality of the contemporary feel and the temporary housing locationsWhere for example no drilling of the walls is allowed. 

Upcoming 2020


So far undefined group-exhibition. With the title: ENTRANCE.


Current 2019

Contemporary Connections.



Kim Engelen

Robert Estermann

Paloma Schnitzer


For this exhibition I organised a beautiful apartment location in Kreuzberg. Thank you Steffie + Yacine Gasmi.