Newsletter: 1 August 2021

▶︎Hanging Art Using Paper Clamps. ▶︎Photographs of five lost sculptures.

Hang Paper Art Using Paper Clamps

PRE Art Academy Art

There is so much going on right now in the world and with mother nature. Therefore, this week I want to show you my series: The Aftermath. I made these in 1993 (before I went to the Art Academy). Originally they were five sculptures. But these are all lost. What I have left are the photographs. 

Aftermath No. 1 (Sculpture No. 1)

Digital Downloads

Files of the Aftermath photographs.
They come with a watermark and a Certificate of Authenticity

Aftermath No. 2 (Sculpture No. 2)

Aftermath No. 3 (Sculpture No.3)

Aftermath No. 4 (Sculpture No.4)

Aftermath No. 5 (Sculpture No.5)

Aftermath No. 6 (Book Sculpture)

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