Newsletter: 24 October 2021

I made 5 posters of my Network series.

Frame your poster in 5 minutes

Maybe you remember from another video that I asked you if you would like to see my paintings as a poster.

So I printed 5 posters from my Networks series.


In your head 
We are all the same. But also not really. How our brain works is genetically determined. But how and what you think is also shaped by, for example, your upbringing and experiences

It is still a mystery how our brain bridges the gap between two tiers of neural activity that form a thought. For me, to simplify it, I see the functioning of the brain as doors in your head. Through that one door comes in that positive thought, and through the other door, you go to that unpleasant memory. Yet, everything is interconnected. All those thoughts and memories are all in the same head. So thoughts of anger, love, joy, boredom, care for another person or animal or the environment, and so on. 

Thoughts depicted 
This series of paintings (and now posters) offer a sort of glimpse into my head. The colors in the head indicate the mood. And in the spider web, I have written down my unfiltered thoughts, belonging to that particular state. The colored lines of the heads don’t show or block the colors inside the head because you cannot see into someone’s head in real life. Perhaps we look moody from the outside, but we are merely concentrated and or in a flow. Or we are angry or in love but don’t show it. 

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