Newsletter: 28 November 2021

Bridges, to me, are a symbol of hope. With my art bridges I want to connect.

Questioning my Significance

Since 2010, I work with the theme of bridges in my art. Bridges, to me, are a symbol of hope. They represent connection, movement, and transition. What I want to do with my art bridges is to connect.

In this video I will talk about my artwork, the Bridge Sculpture, Questioning my Significance. And while doing so I show the framing of Night-Shot No.3. On the end of this video there will be a short sales pitch for the work.

Framed Print (Only One)

Only ONE legit printed version of Photograph No.3

Digital Downloads

For the leaner purses, there are also these watermarked options.

Art-Butchering Performance: Questioning my Significance
Finisage 11 December 2021, 16:00-17:00 CET

Solo-Exhibition Kunst Torentje
Exhibition period: 6-11 t/m 11-12 2021
Egbert Gorterstraat 5, Almelo, Netherlands

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