Newsletter: 7 August 2021

▶︎Drawing: Happy Birthday Monika. ▶︎Book-Sculpture. ▶︎Photos of the lost Aftermath Cloak Sculpture.

Happy Birthday, Monika

PRE Art Academy Art

Last weekend I showed you my series: The Aftermath. These sculptures were created in 1993, (before I went to the Art Academy). Originally they were 5 Sculptures + 1 Book-Sculpture + 1 Cloak-Sculpture. I have placed 24 photographs of these in my webshop. These photos are the only memorabilia of what is left of the sculptures. With the exception of the Book-Sculpture. 

Aftermath No. 6 (Book-Sculpture)

Aftermath No. 7 (Cloak-Sculpture)

Aftermath No. 8 

Digital Downloads

You can also choose & collect a digital download file of the photographs for €10,53 (6% of €175,50). Authorized downloads come with a watermark and a Certificate of Authenticity.

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