Shanghai Art Collection Museum

Shanghai Art Collection Museum.
From 11 June – 12 July 2020.

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On display were:  

Empathetic Walking Panel

On 12 May 2018, I organized a Bridge-Performance + Drone recording at the Broken Bridge, Hangzhou (China).

The bridge-performance was captured with the use of a: 
1. Selfie-stick— showing the Empathetic Walking Panel frontal and up-close.
2. Drone video camera— giving an overview from above of the area, “The Broken Bridge”, and the “Empathetic Walking Panel” walking arm in arm over the bridge.

The Empathetic Walking Panel consisted of:
– Helene Compain-Holt (Head of Pastoral Care and Boarding at King’s College).
– Matteo Preabianca (Professor of Languages, Zheijiang University).
– And myself Kim Engelen (Master of Fine Arts in Critical and Pedagogical Studies/Visual Artist).
We held the selfie-stick and Andres Planas operated the drone.

During the bridge-performance—Empathetic Walking Panel—I asked 3 thought-provoking questions about the ex-pat community living in Hangzhou.

The transcript of this conversation plus images captured with the drone and the selfie-stick are presented in a bilingual hard-cover book.

Available via Amazon.
ISBN 6978-90-809866-2-6 

I was interested in creating a London Tower Bridge mini sculpture with my ongoing project Bridges. Also, I was curious about creating a production room—to see and test how this would work in contact with visitors. For the group-exhibition Contemporary Connections, I made a completely new artwork

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