Shipping and delivery policy

Your Artwork is waiting for you

1. Shipping rates & costs

Shipment costs are unavoidable costs, and of course, I can’t compete with Amazon or Alipay. But I can be fair. That is why I will split the shipping costs with you. Also, you do not have to pay for the costs of the packages/wrapping and handling. 

2. Shipping methods and delivery times

In the case of a Digital Download, you can download the artwork immediately. For art that needs to be shipped, it depends on the carrier, how much time it takes to arrive at your address. Another option is that I can bring the artwork in person. Or that you come and pick up the work, either in person or by your designated pickup carrier. 

3. Shipping restrictions

None. No matter how long it will take. And whereever you, are I will ship my artwork to you.

4. Missing or lost packages

In case a package gets lost, it is out of my control. Therefore my preference is that either I bring the artwork to you in person. Or you come to pick it up.

5. International shipping

I offer (outside of Europe) international shipping. And I will take care of customs and import duties. For extra costs, we split the costs. I will let you know in advance which carrier will handle our international shipment. And what the extra expenses will be. On average, you can expect an additional 5% (10%:2).

6. Return and exchange information

There is no refund possible for my artwork. However, you could choose to lend my art of your choice for a minimum of one month.