Solo-Exhibition Sun-Penetrations

Burnate, Berlin (Germany)
November 2015

Experience Room 1

Experience Room 2

Experience Room #1
Room 1 is the first room when entering the space. Here I had placed a solarium (sun-bed) and in the window the Sun-Penetration flag was hung.

Experience Room #2
The next room was packed with design from the 80s. A monitor is laying on a sofa. With a still screen of the Sun-Penetration. It is feet lying in bed in Norway. The whole wall is filled with shelves with ticking clocks. 

Experience Room 3

Experience Room #3
The next room deeper in the space is the silver room. Here I had placed 5 monitors with 1 minute videos of the Sun-Penetrations. And ticking clocks. 

Solarium Performance

1 November 2015
On the opening night I did a Solorium-Performance.