Sun-Penetrations-Quarantine: 40 Days of Isolation

VR Solo-Exhibition



Quarantine: 40 Days of Isolation

ARTIST-TALK 29.10.2020
23.10.2020 – 23.11.2020

Organised by: 

  • Sino Italian Design Exchange Centre
  • 德必集团 DoBe Group 

In collaboration with:

  • Quartiere 4 Comune di Firenze
  • 上海设计之都促进中心 Shanghai Promotion Centre for city of design
  • 上海市对外文化交流协会 Shanghai International Culture Association


  • House of Art & Artists

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  • 腾讯艺术 云展支持 Tencent Art 

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Sun-Penetrations are photographs and videos of beams of the sun, which penetrate externally into our private inner space, through partly closed windows, curtains, doors, holes, or cracks.

The sun finds its way to penetrate our inner space, from the sun to the earth, at a mesmerizing speed of fewer than ten minutes. When we see it with our eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on our bodies, it is between ten thousand and fifty million years.

Whatever situation we are in or being faced with, this power source will always be there to shine a light on us—to let us know there is life. 

15 Artworks on Display

Forty DAYS 

Quarantine: 40 Days of Isolation was created during the pandemic COVID-19. 

Quaranta Giorni (forty days) is an Italian medical term derived from the plague epidemic in the fourteenth century. During this time, all ships had to remain in the port for forty days and the crew was not allowed to leave the ship. This was done to reduce the spread of a possible infection.

For forty days, I sent to fellow humans in lockdown a photograph of my ongoing series: Sun-Penetrations. With the sun as the bringer of life. And a light in a moment of darkness. I started my art project on March 23, 2020, and I distributed the last photo online on May 1, 2020. 


For forty days, I have sent one photograph of my ongoing series: Sun-Penetrations to fellow humans in lockdown. With the sun as the bringer of life. And a light in a moment of darkness. 

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ISBN 979-8678599711