Collage Dog-Friendly Environment

2.694,60 inc. Vat

Title: Dog-Friendly Environment (Original Dutch title: Hondvriendelijke omgeving)
Medium: Photocollage in a professional heavy glass-encrusted frame
Size including frame: 178 x 121,4 x 5 cm (70.08 x 47.80 x 1.97 in)
Limited edition of: 1 (original)
All 3 collages together € 7.700

Animal love 

In 1998, when this artwork was made, I had a dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer. His name was Kay. And when one walks around with a relatively large dog, people tend to react to it quite a bit. Often nice, but not always.

Not welcome 

Kay was at times not allowed to enter. So automatically, before I stepped in somewhere, I checked whether I was allowed in with my dog. From then on, I started to notice all kinds of different signs, and stickers with texts and pictures on them, to indicate that dogs were not welcome. This collage contains a selection of the plates I found, but there are many more.


In those days most of my art had to do with my reaction to society’s bureaucratic, superficial or aggressive tendencies. I was leading my life and trying to be happy. And how people behaved or negatively reacted towards me, or things I saw, made me show my surprise via my art.



This series of 3 collages have been framed by Boselie van Boekel Encadreurs BV in Den Bosch (Netherlands). They created three exclusive, unique hand-crafted frames. For all quality framing jobs, you can put your trust in Boselie van Boekel Encadreurs:


Since Boselie van Boekel Encadreurs have sponsored me. I don’t include the costs of the frame. This means the following calculation with this particular artwork:

178 x 121,4 cm x € 9.

My current price is € 9 per linear cm.

Total price (including the frame) € 2694,60


Since it would be great if the series of 3 artworks could stay together, I offer the complete series of 3 framed collages together for € 7.700.

Weight 23,4 kg
Dimensions 178 × 121,4 × 5 cm

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