Collage “Party”

2.595,60 inc. Vat

Title: Party (Original Dutch title: Feestje)
Medium: Photo collage in professional heavy glass-encrusted frame
Size including frame: 151,8 x 136,6 x 5 cm (59.76 x 53.78 x 1.97 in)
Size excluding frame: 130 x 146 cm
Limited edition of: 1 (original)
All 3 collages together € 7.700

House Flyers
This collage of colorful 90’s Dutch rave flyers expresses my then weekend life. My happy escape from reality. From my problems, and my responsibilities. I was surrounded by people wild and free. Who were enjoying music and celebrating freedom. Every weekend we traveled from house party to house-party all over the country. The flyers were given out during these parties. So one would know where the next party would be. The flyers were our roadmap towards weekend bliss.


Time-bound expression
My artworks from this period were strongly influenced by the people and culture around me. They become therefore a personal and time-bound expression of the history in which I lived.

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This series of 3 collages has been framed by Boselie Encadreurs BV in Den Bosch (Netherlands).

Because I was an art-student and these artworks were going to be shown at my final exam exhibition, Boselie has been so generous to sponsor me. They created three exclusive, unique hand-crafted frames. For all quality framing jobs, you can put your trust in Boselie Encadreurs:


Since Boselie Encadreurs have sponsored me. I don’t calculate the costs of the frame. This means the following calculation with this particular artwork:

151,8 + 136,6 x € 9.

My current price is € 9 per linear cm.

Total price (including the frame) € 2595,60

Since it would be great if the series of 3 artworks could stay together, I offer the complete series of 3 framed collages together for € 7.700.

Additional Information
Weight 23.3 kg
Dimensions 151.8 × 136.6 × 5 cm