Dr. Stress and Me, Photograph No.4

22,36 inc. Vat

Created in 1997 during my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Art Academy in Den Bosch, Netherlands. 

Originally there were 17 photographs. But these ten photographs are the only ones I currently have. 

I took the photographs with an analog SLR photo camera. Meaning to create these photographs, I used an analog camera and film. The film roll loaded into the camera and was later via chemicals in the film developed. At the moment, I only have these photos. But I hope I still have the original filmstrips somewhere. 

Dr. Stress

Dr. Stress was a gender-free green-leathered human-size person-shaped figure. 

These photographs I made in the school’s photo studio with a cable release. A long wire connected to the camera, which I used as a self-timer. 

During the photo shoot, I felt very hurried since the genitor of the school was knocking on the door and was asking what I was doing. And I remember thinking, I am not doing anything wrong, I can be here since I booked this time slot. But at the same time, I was feeling worried if they could see me. And as well agitated, like this is my artistic time, leave me alone. 

Although stressful probably this is good since it created urgency and emotion in the photographs. So they are shots in movement and not static staged photographs. 


I was having a session with Dr. Stress, and I was actually feeling stressed.—I could not have planned this. 


When you choose the unicum version of this photograph, you will receive the only version of this photograph I have in print. Only you will have one. Not even I will have it. 

Digital Download

When you choose the Digital Version, you pay only 6% of the price of the unicum photograph. After your payment, you receive a watermarked digital file immediately via download. 

Size: 2500 Dpi wide.

Certificate of Authenticity

Both versions come with a Certificate of Authenticity to prove you have the legit version of this artwork made by Kim Engelen.


Photograph, Digital Download

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