Earthenware: Hello I found you Australia

215,10 inc. Vat

Medium: Earthenware/Ceramics
Size: ø 20,2/20,2 x 20,2 x 3,7 cm (ø 8/8 x 8 x 1.5 in)
Original: Only 1
Art Bundle: Four painted plates together⟶

Hello I found you Australia


This is an earthenware plate that has been re-painted and baked again in the oven. This fixed the paint and made the plate waterproof (you can wash it). 


Each ceramic plate, from the painted plates series, is individually painted. And can, for example, be used as a deep plate to eat from or to present food on. Or to merely watch and enjoy as an art object.


This plate I titled Hello I found Australia since to me it gives me this vibe. But maybe it gives you an African vibe, which is okay too.


All the plates from the series painted plates use the same colors: black, red, blue, green, and yellow. And besides the colors, certain elements from the other plates can be found in this plate too.


In the colorful planes and shapes are for example circle-like shapes, blue, red, and black stripes, eye-like reference, and on the back a human-like figure.



Also, the backside of this plate is blue-colored, like a pacific-like happy clean blue ocean. In the foot/bottom of the plate, we can see in red a black spiderlike figure. The yellow and red together make it intense, hot like a volcano or originating from land.

Weight 0,36 kg
Dimensions 20,2 × 20,3 × 3,7 cm

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