Earthenware: Yellow Eye, Black Man

215,10 inc. Vat

Medium: Earthenware/Ceramics
Size: ø 20,2/20,2 x 20,2 x 3,7 cm (ø 8/8 x 8 x 1.5 in)
Original: Only 1
Art Bundle: Four painted plates together⟶

Yellow Eye, Black Man


This is an earthenware plate that has been re-painted and baked again in the oven. Which fixed the paint and made the plate waterproof (you can wash it). 


Each ceramic from the Painted Plates series is individually painted and can, for example, be used as a deep plate to eat from or be used to present food on. Or to merely watch and enjoy as an art object.


This plate I titled Yellow Eye, Black Man since on the front in the middle is a yellow eye with a red pupil.  


The eye is in a blue tv-like square with green rims and black, yellow/black buttons. And the white of the original soup plate can still be seen. 


Also, on the front of the deep painted plate, round and square patterns can be seen, with a mixture of colorful stark colors like black, red, yellow, and green. 


Perhaps you see a green trumpet, a sunset in the blue ocean. Or a red-cheeky tongue sticking out. And a big blue capital B from a Beautiful day or Breakfast. Perhaps some reference to the other plate in the series the rims of a dartboard.



The backside is blue-colored, like a pacific-like happy blue ocean. In the foot/bottom of the plate, we can see one or two black figures. Perhaps they are swimming together? 

Weight 0,380 kg
Dimensions 20,2 × 20,3 × 3,7 cm

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