Estar a las Duras y a las Maduras No. 1 (Agustín)

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CONFESSION DRAWINGS: sketches on paper
30 x 21 cm (11,81 x 8,27 in), 2020

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The Kid in You

I thought about how the expression “The child in you” is used in the self-help sector. Many of us have a picture of ourselves as a child. A memory of who we were when we were little. 

How is that child doing? What motto or creed does the adult-you give to the child-you? I met yesterday with Augustin, an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor). Who has this motto: Estar a las Duras y a las Maduras. A nice Spanish motto.


Augustin: “It is when you have problems, but you try and adapt to the situation, and you bring out the good in conflictive or problematic situations. And take advantage of the moments of happiness that always come along with them.”

I base the image on photos. However, it is not about a successful picture. It’s about the kids and the concept. The drawings can become part of a sub-series called: The Kid in Us. Or something like this.

I intend to make a series of 5. Augustin, Rafel, Zac, Kim (myself). And who else?

The drawing is signed and a certificate of authenticity is added.

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