Estar a las Duras y a las Maduras No. 5 (Agustín)

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Your Preferred Proverb
30 x 21 cm (11,81 x 8,27 in)

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The Kid in You

I thought about how the expression “The child in you” is used in the self-help sector. Many of us have a picture of ourselves as a child. A memory of who we were when we were little. 

How is that child doing? What motto or creed does the adult-you give to the child-you? I met yesterday with Agustín, an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor). Who has this motto: Estar a las Duras y a las Maduras. 

Agustín: “Take the rough with the smooth would be an appropriate translation to English.”

I based these image on photos. However this one is a copy from number 4. And then I coloured a part that I think is important with a green pencil.

I intend to make a series of 5. Augustin, Rafael, Zac, Kim (myself). And who else?

The drawing is signed and a certificate of authenticity is added.

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