Ilse & Gerben—Detail (No.1)

625,50 inc. Vat

The Ilse & Gerben Etchings:

  • Ilse & Gerben—Detail (Series of 8) 
  • Ilse & Gerben—Variation (Series of 9) 

These artworks are made in gravure technique on a zinc plate in which I etched the image by acid.


Ilse & Gerben—Detail, is a detail from the oil painting on chipboard: Ilse & Gerben, Mara. But I switched them. Here Ilse is on the right. And Gerben on the left. Gerben’s eyes are black and are looking dissatisfied outside of the image.


I cropped the image tightly. To emphasize their faces and their closeness. It is about them as a couple. The world is left outside.


The original etching plate is lost. So these are the only and final etches left of the Ilse & Gerben etching series

Weight 0,03 kg
Dimensions 39 × 30 cm

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