Ilse & Gerben—Variation (No.4)

625,50 inc. Vat

The Ilse & Gerben Etchings:

  • Ilse & Gerben—Variation (This one)
  • Ilse & Gerben—Detail

These artworks are made in gravure technique on a zinc plate in which I etched the image by acid. 

Ilse & Gerben (Variation)
This etching is a variation with the same couple Ilse & Gerben. Here they are depicted standing. You can see Gerben is a bit taller and looks worrisome down at Ilse.


Ilse has bags under her eyes. And has a dark sweater. Forcing the eye to the left lower part of the etching. The shadow behind both of their heads and Gerben’s body binds them together. And lets the eye wander from the left lower part to the right upper part, over the full etch.


The wallpaper stripes give the whole a bit of a closed-in feeling. Yet are also stretching the image up.


The original etching plate is lost. So these are the only and final etches left of the Ilse & Gerben etching series

Weight 0,03 kg
Dimensions 40 × 29,5 cm

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