Video-Still Superior

From: 126,09

Frame: On request
Size: 133,4 x 100,1 cm (52.5 x 39.4 in)
Limited edition of: 1 (One Print Only)
Digital Download: Unlimited


2 Options:

  • Large Video-Still (One Print Only) = € 2101,50
  • Digital Download = € 126,09

This is a large size print of one video-still from the video Superior.


On the on hand, I am a Dutch person. And on the other hand, I am an international artist (I have lived and worked as an artist in six countries). 

As an artist, I had to react to the news of 5 June 2006; “One on ten Dutch people is racist. They feel superior towards immigrants and feel that Dutch people should not unite with other nationalities.” 


In this video, we see seven typical Dutch-looking people: white and blond. The camera turns around them, while they, in turn, follow with disdain the camera and observe it. While doing this, there is another camera registering them from a slightly different angle in black and white. The soundscapes made are dark with the echoing sounds of dolphins.  


Superior has been recorded in August 2006 in the studio of SAE in Rotterdam, where I was the coordinator of the film department. Marc de Jong, the coordinator of the audio department, made the sound design. 


Thank you, actors (in order of appearance): Wim Verbeek, Marianne Steenbergen, Tom Bouwhuis, José Lorsheijd, Menno Spiekerman, Maarten van Krimpen, Nikita van der Linden.
Warm thank you to: Edo van der Laarse and Jacqueline Sven.


All the people who worked on this video are not representative (as far as I know) of the 10% mentioned in the news article.  


❤️ I wish all the people that feel excluded in our shared world a strong heart. Perhaps when we see and give attention to the racist people (the 10%). We also know they are in the minority.—A meager 1/10 of the population. And then we know there is a majority of 90% of people who like diversity and are willing to learn from each other.  




There is only one print of this video-still. This is that unicum print. 



If you choose the Digital Version. You pay only 6% of the price of the video-still print. After your payment, you immediately receive a watermarked digital file via download. 



Both versions come with a Certificate of Authenticity to prove you have the legit version of this video still made by artist Kim Engelen.

Weight 0,370 kg
Dimensions 133,4 × 100,1 cm

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