Zodiac Drawings Sketchbook

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Zodiac Drawings Sketchbook
21,59 x 29,7 x 0,3 cm (8.5 x 11.70 x 0.12 in)
28 Pages


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In 1998 I created Zodiac Carpet. In this sketchbook  are the initial sketches and drawings. 

Originally the artwork was called Dierenriem, which is Dutch for Zodiac. But since that time I am working internationally. Therefore I changed the title to Zodiac Drawing Sketchbook. But in this sketchbook you will find a mixture of different languages. Such as Dutch, English and German.

If you want to see more. The book Zodiac Carpet—From Art to Z shows the complete process and development of how the idea of the Zodiac Carpet arose and how it was made. With it, I depict the complete development of the Zodiac Carpet. From the initial concept, sketches, and drawings, to the then 12 paintings, to the then final production of Zodiac Carpet. 

Zodiac Carpet was a cooperation with, and sponsored by, the Millernerpoort in Sittard (Netherlands). 

Weight 0,134 kg
Dimensions 21,59 × 29,7 × 0,3 cm

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