Newsletter: 31 October 2021

Solo-Exhibition and 1 week Artist in Residency at Het Kunst-Torentje in Almelo (Netherlands). Bridge-Sculpture Questioning my Significance.

Solo-expositie in Almelo

Opening Exhibition Kunst Torentje
6 Nov 2021 at 16:00 CET
Location: Egbert Gorterstraat 7
Almelo, Netherlands

Artist in Residency

I will have a 1-week Artist in Residency at Het Kunsthuis in Almelo. Here I will stay and work on my bridge-sculpture. My intention is to send you a short video every day so you can see the progression of the artwork.


I want to connect with my bridges. My Bridge-Performances are an artificial and safe way for me to do this. Just like a bridge is artificially created to bridge a possible obstacle, such as water, and to connect people and locations.

The Kunst-Torentje is a special exhibition space in the public space. Located between the Egbert Gorter bridge and the central station. Perfect!

The people who pass by the Kunst-Torentje are welcome to make contact. They can make the crossover by, for example, safely donating a colored pencil. I will then invite them to insert their pencil into the artwork. It’s up to them. Do they want to connect? Or are they ignoring the process?

The bridge-artwork Questioning my Significance is an invitation to help build the actual work of art. But it’s not necessary. The artwork will be built. And I’m very excited about this.

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