To Frame or not to Frame

Choose to have your painting framed or not.

Depending on what kind of style you like or lifestyle you have. You can choose if you would like to frame your painting. Also, the costs factor plays a role.

Prepared Canvas (unstretched)

When you buy a painting on prepared canvas (unstretched). You can mount the canvas “naked” on your wall.

Some positive features are:

+ Avant-Garde, Pure

+ Flat and light

+ Rollable (Easy to transport and store)

+ Lowest shipping costs (rolled in a tube)

+ No hammer and nails required

Regular Stretched Canvas

When you buy a regular stretched canvas  You can hang the painting on its stretcher bars. There is no need for a frame. However, you can choose to have it framed as well. 

Some positive features are:

+ Authentic, Arty

+ Ready to hang

+ Depending on the size/heaviness, no hammer and nails required

Framed Painting

This option to frame your painting, is generally is the most expensive one. Since either the frame and thus costs of the frame are included in the price by the artist. Or in case you frame it yourself. You would have additional framing costs on top of the price of the artwork. 

Some positive features are:

+ A ready and finished look

+ Professional looking

+ You can “adjust” the painting to your taste (you can choose the frame, so you can add a bit of your style to the painting)

+ It can make your artwork stand out

Do you frame your artwork or not? And why? Let us know in the comments below…

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