What are Digital Downloads?

Digital downloads files have a Kim Engelen watermark and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Digital Downloads

You can choose to collect art digitally by acquiring digital download files of artworks. Digital downloads files have a Kim Engelen watermark and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

How does it work?

You look for art in the webshop. In many cases, there is already a digital download available of the artwork you want to collect. If this is indeed the case, choose the button Digital Download. Pay. And immediately receive the digital download file. 

What do I get?

  • The Digital Download file of the artwork of your choice.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity, which proves you are have honestly acquired the digital download. 
  • Via email, you will receive an account statement for your VAT and income administration.

Why collect Digital Downloads?

  • PRICE: The price of a digital download file is 94% cheaper! It is 6% of the price of an original (physical) artwork. For example, the original photograph of this sculpture ⬇︎ is €175,50. The digital download file costs 6% of €175,50 = €10,53.
  • CERTIFIED: Digital Downloads have a watermark and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Which means they are legit and authorized by the artist Kim Engelen. 
  • FAST: You click the download button, and the file gets downloaded on your device.
  • HASSLE-FREE: No need to go to an expensive art fair, gallery, or artist-studio to look for an artwork you like. No need to pay and wait for the transport company to bring you your artwork. No insurance is needed. No lighting for the artwork on your wall. Etcetera.
  • UNPRETENTIOUS: Free of snobbery, art-lingo, and making things unnecessarily stressful.
  • DIVERSIFY: You can have a portion of your art portfolio digital and a portion as physical artworks. Or you want to start collecting on a small budget. 
  • FUTURE: This might be the future of art collecting. We know that Beeple sold his NFT Artwork for a whopping $69 Million at Christie’s in March 2011.

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