Happy Birthday Monika

From: 13,55

Series: Happy Birthdays 
Paper-size: 14,63 x 10,46 cm (5.76 x 4.12 in) 
4 August 2021


2 Options:

  • Original drawing (pièce unique) = € 225,81
  • Digital Download (print it yourself) = € 13,55

The Happy Birthday Drawings are part of an ongoing art project, where I make small drawings for people for their birthdays. I then send a YouTube video.—Where I sing Happy Birthday and show the drawing which I made especially for them.


Would you also like to have a drawing made for you on your birthday? 

Then please email me: 

⟶ Your day of birth (must)

⟶ How old you are going to be (optional)

⟶ A photo of you (optional)

⟶ What your birthday wish is (optional)


Happy Birthday, Monika!

This drawing is made on a Nefit Bosch tear-off paper block. The block consisted of forty sheets of paper (when I started the project). And has a postcard size (14,63 x 10,46 cm (5.76 x 4.12 in).




Happy Birthday, Monika. I wish for you that you are more often happy than unhappy! 

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 cm

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